Professional headshots IN NEW YORK by Kate Fesik

For social networks, corporate use or esseys professional Headshots, depends on your choice. Possible location options for your work environment on city streets or in a studio with professional lighting.

  • Variations of styles for headshots purposes
  • Professional lighting setup
  • Free photo editing of selected photos
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Professional and Actor Headshots NYC by Kate Fesik

Corporate Photography in in New York
In modern business New York, where competition is the main driving force and our experience, knowledge and skills are far from all the qualities that affect your career. The way we look is not the last thing in our life at the first impression of our interlocutor, future corporate partner or employer. But what about when it comes to social networks, and the question concerns your professional business photos or just how we all call them headshots. In NYC, an endless stream of ideas, decisions and events leads to the fact that we meet a huge number of people and, as a result, it becomes a kind of depersonalization, we need to identify ourselves in society with the help of professional headshots photography. In this area of professional photography there is no particular freedom for artistry, for this there is a portrait photography, but there are a number of clear and generally accepted rules that allow photographers to achieve the desired result and you get a photo that will be your tool in building a career. This is also of great importance for the actor, who is constantly looking for new roles and providing his professional headshots can significantly affect his future contracts. I offer you high quality service in first class headshot photography for corporate headshots or an actor headshots NYC. Contact me and we will discuss all the questions you are interested in.