You are able to choose locations and the time that we will spend on photo shoot. Everything is limited only by your imagination. You will get all the possibilities and services to feel convenient during the process.

  • Any locations and places of New York
  • Professional lighting setup
  • Free photo editing for any photoshoot time
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Romantic Couple Photoshoot in New York

Couples Photography in NYC by Kate Fesik
Being next to each other, we do not notice those important happy moments and do not attach special importance to them. But time is moving inexorably forward and all that we can be together. So let's preserve those moments with the help of a photographer who will help you capture the moment and make couple portraits for you. Romantic Couple Photoshoot can be an original gift for a special occasion, or it can be a way to capture tender feelings for each other at a certain moment in life. However, most often Couple Photography is timed to coincide with the upcoming wedding. Each elegant couple can have their own reason for this and their own vision. What should be your first custom couples portrait, where the stem should go and what kind of subject you want. I, in turn, as your best couple photography professional, will help you choose the right look, hire a professional stylist who will help you choose a style of clothing, and an experienced first-class make-up artist will make you an incomparable make-up that will be admired by all your family and friends. The place and time of the year dictate a lot to us. I advise you to be very careful about your choice. If it's a cold season, especially here in New York, then the plot of your love story should match that. Winter couples photoshoot as well as other wonderful time of the year Fall is a whole direction in this candid art form and I will tell you more in person as I prefer when my clients are near me and this helps us to unite our common vision of the future work.